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What is metaPassword all about?

We created this site to help everyday people have greater computer security in their lives.  With ever increasing online threats and the need to use more and more web sites, people need a simple and secure way to use passwords at those sites.

Passwords are hard!  Instead of keeping track of a hundred passwords, most people just create one password (usually easy to guess) and reuse it across all sites.  You should never use a password at more than one site, because if one of the sites you used is ever breached, that password will give the hacker access to all of the other sites where you used the same password! Don’t do it!

How does this tool work? Using one master password, this site generates passwords for every site that you use. Your master password never leaves your browser (it’s created with JavaScript, for the technically inclined), so it’s guaranteed protected as it never traverses the internet, nor is it stored on any server. You will get a unique password for every site, calculated as a one-way hash using your master password and the site name. If a website is ever compromised, that password will not give the hacker access to any other site. Everyone can remember one simple password. 😊